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We’re the perfect mix of creatives and techies. Our expertise range from web security and deep tech to product strategy, design and UX.

James Dowell James Dowell

I’ve always wanted to build stuff for people and currently enjoy creating products with great user experiences, have an interest in business and a passion for fitness: you can usually find me kickboxing at the local gym at least 3 times a week.

James Dowell

Rachael Grocott Rachael Grocott

I’m the one at UVD ensuring what we build not only looks good, but that it’s what our customers want. Outside of work I enjoy non digital stuff like modern calligraphy, making shit out of cement or throwing the odd pot.

Rachael Grocott

VJ Patel VJ Patel

After finishing an MSc in Computing and Security at KCL, I’ve joined UVD to spread my love of securing systems, managing dev ops and the internet of things. You can also find me lost in space, raving at a festival or creating new open sourced projects.

VJ Patel

Kenny Vu Kenny Vu

I’m a Queen Mary University student doing a placement at UVD. I’m here to learn everything a developer needs to learn to have a career in the software development industry. At home, I’ll be programming, reading books or playing video games.

Kenny Vu

Eddy Lane Eddy Lane

Since hearing the beeps of a 56k dialup modem I have been hooked on all things web. I love functional programming (but Haskell scares me). Fave languages are currently Elm and Elixir. On top of coding my other passion is craft beer. Sometimes I like to combine the two.

Eddy Lane

Kirsten Minshall Kirsten Minshall

I love the idea of an organisation where people can thrive, where they look forward to work and learn things on a daily basis. When ‘relaxing’ I’ll mostly be riding down a mountain on my snowboard or paddling in the sea with my kids.

Kirsten Minshall

Ryan Hyslop Ryan Hyslop

Building for the web allows me to explore two big passions, psychology and technology. I love researching users’ needs and turning that into meaningful software. Offline I’ll be going to see bands I should have grown out of by now and stealing novelty props at parties.

Ryan Hyslop

Botty McBotface Botty McBotface

I’m the HR manager at UVD, currently in charge of managing the teams’ holidays. When I’m not in my office/Slack channel you’ll probably find me sailing on Boaty McBoatface

Botty McBotface


When we’re not in the studio

You’ll find us on the mean streets of Shoreditch. We like to go to the cinema, exhibitions and have been known to throw the odd party to let our hair down. You’ll also find us performing badly at a monthly pub quiz in East London and downing tools once in a while for our regular away days.

  • Hawaii
  • Ryan playing ping-pong
  • fisheye
  • frisbee
  • summer close up
  • Summer pub quiz

We’re always learning

During our hack days, code Kata sessions and when we share knowledge at our monthly ‘Interesting Stuff Club’. Based in the heart of Tech City, you’ll often find us at industry events and meetups.

UVD developers at work

Want to join us?

We’re always on the lookout for talented people who care about what they do and are passionate about technology