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We’re the perfect mix of creatives and techies. Always learning, often innovating and from time to time, losing (badly) at pub quizzes.

  • VJ Patel

    VJ Patel


    VJ completed our placement scheme and has now joined us as a Developer. He has a passion for cloud based DevOps; docker, kubernetes and jenkins all come naturally to him. He loves it.

  • Ryan Hyslop

    Ryan Hyslop

    Senior Frontend Developer

    Leading the company strategy for user experience, Ryan has the unique skill of being able to draw together the creative and technical aspects of the studio, being the glue between deep tech and visual design whilst translating requirements into experiences that are a pleasure to use.

  • Alex Longshaw

    Alex Longshaw


    Alex was the original placement student from our first shared office space. He now joins us as a graduate from UWE with a years’ commercial experience under his belt, bringing with him his skills as a developer as well as his top notch skills in cake baking.

  • Jay Rawal

    Jay Rawal

    Junior Developer

    Hot on the heels of VJ, Jay joins us as our third placement student from QMUL. He’s already built some top conversational UI functionality into our slackbot, and has wasted no time getting his teeth stuck into our client work.

  • Eddy Lane

    Eddy Lane

    Lead Developer

    Eddy is our resident full-stack developer and TDD evangelist. Unfazed by MEAN or LAMP, OO or functional, he’s a tech addict whose passions currently include React, Symfony, TypeScript, Elm and Elixr. You’ll always find him learning new tech in his spare time, often spurred on by a craft beer or two.

  • James Dowell

    James Dowell

    Frontend Developer

    Having joined us several years ago with first class hons, James cut his teeth developing some of our internal digital products and led the frontend on our project planning tool, Sprinter. Now a big proponent of automated testing he’s been putting his skills to very good use by deep diving into the Limpid Markets Node.js API.

  • Kirsten Minshall

    Kirsten Minshall


    Kirsten is the founder of UVD and has led the company for over a decade. Initially from a Computer Science background, he’s now the Agile and Lean Startup champion within the company, always striving to refine our approach and leading our clients through the production process.

  • David Martin

    David Martin

    Senior Frontend Developer

    Dave is a recovering C# developer who’s seen the light in the form of functional programming, clojure and clojurescript. He likes his code like he likes his cars: fast. If he’s on the racing track, you won’t see Dave for dust.

  • Rachael Grocott

    Rachael Grocott

    Design and Marketing

    Rachael leaves her single threaded colleagues in the shade with her ability to seamlessly perform both roles as our lead on Marketing alongside that of being the team’s creative force. She also knows how to handle recruiters on the telephone and can curl heavier dumbbells than anyone else in the office.

When we’re not in the studio

You’ll find us on the mean streets of Shoreditch. We like to go to the cinema, exhibitions and have been known to throw the odd party to let our hair down. You’ll also find us performing badly at a monthly pub quiz in East London and downing tools once in a while for our regular away days.

  • Hawaii
  • Ryan playing ping-pong
  • fisheye
  • frisbee
  • summer close up
  • Summer pub quiz

We’re always learning

During our hack days, code Kata sessions and when we share knowledge at our monthly ‘Interesting Stuff Club’. Based in the heart of Tech City, you’ll often find us at industry events and meetups.

UVD developers at work

Want to join us?

We’re always on the lookout for talented people who care about what they do and are passionate about technology