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Starting life as a hack day, we created MEMZ - a browser based photo sharing app allowing you to share your day’s experience with friends and family in real-time.

Memz in use

Startup guide

Having worked with a lot of startups over the years, we wanted to create a guide for anyone new starting out to ensure that their startup has the best chance for success.

startup guide in use
Sprinter in use


We got fed up using Excel to log project data and generate unwieldy charts, so we built Sprinter - a lightweight tool to help make informed decisions when running projects. We also figured that if we found it useful, others would too.

coffeestats in use


This is the perfect project for us to have a bit of fun whilst learning new stuff and end up with something great to show off as a result. We’re currently rocking V3.0.

Want to see more?

We test out new technologies on our internal projects, which means that we can minimise risk when working on client work.