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Digital product development

The way we develop ensures you’ll have a well-made digital product that’s secure, easy to maintain and meets your users’ needs. To achieve these results, we focus on iterative development, using best in class methodologies to deliver high quality, maintainable software.

Alex working on RowActiv

What is it?

A planned period of development where we’ll incrementally build your digital product with best practices such as test driven development and behaviour driven development. Each increment will add value to your product, allowing us to use real customer data to continuously improve your customers’ experiences.

What’s involved?

We’ll be incrementally developing your product, using techniques to ensure the quality of the software. Performance and security will be built into the product from the moment we begin, meaning each increment will not only add value to your product, it will be fully production ready. At the end of each increment, we’ll work with you to prioritise the next phase of work.

Using the right tools for the job

End to end fm - about our process

In this episode Ryan, Eddy and Alex discuss a recent project where we had several options for the tech stack to support a client and review the debate we had around what we chose and why.

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developers hard at work

What’s the outcome?

At the end of the development phase you’ll have a quality assured, secure, and performant digital product that is ready for your customers to use. You’ll also have a solution that’s easy to maintain and ready to scale with your business.

The prototyping gave us confidence that Elixir was a good fit for future business needs and there were substantial gains to be made over the industry alternatives such as Node.js. We pursued the Elixir route, determining three key aspects of the new direction which would require further exploratoration.

- Eddy Lane, Developer

Eddy Lane, Developer

Where we start to explore how your product will look, and work

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