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Our design approach is inclusive; decisions will be made with you and informed by research and customer feedback. At the end of this phase you’ll have a standout design for your product or feature that we’re certain is easy to use and also what your users want.

sketching session workshop

What is it?

This is where we design the digital product or specific feature, testing the user experience, interface and look and feel to ensure your users will be able to achieve their goals and that your product looks fantastic.

What’s involved?

We run workshops to brainstorm ideas from a range of stakeholders, and take the best concepts into prototyping for an early round of user testing, repeating this process as necessary. Once we’re happy we’ve taken everything on board we create a high fidelity prototype by working in the final design.

Designs on laptop

What’s the outcome?

At the end of this phase we’re ready to begin work on the development of your product, with the confidence that our solution meets your customers' needs and allows them to perform tasks easily. You’ll have a detailed prototype of your product which you can use in marketing campaigns, or to gain funding.

We have really enjoyed being so closely involved in the sketching sessions of our product. It was an efficient way to decide on its future structure and design and eliminate the less favourable options. The wireframes helped us to visualise and perfect our vision.

- Andreas Meissner, Managing Director @ Pubal Consult

Andreas Meissner, Managing Director @ Pubal Consult

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