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We see ourselves as part of your team, working closely with you throughout the project, providing initial product strategy through to design and build.

  • research


    It’s important to understand your product vision: what problem are you trying to solve? who are you solving the problem for? how does your product seek to solve these problems? From the off we’ll be researching your competitors, interviewing your customers and recommending a strategy for gaining valuable user feedback. Find out more

    Expected deliverables

    • Competitor analysis
    • Key value proposition
    • User personas
  • strategy

    Product roadmap

    We’ll work with you to define the overall scope of the project by walking through your product through the eyes of your customers, using a process known as user story mapping. The outcome of this exercise is a a set of user stories that describe each customer journey which will be prioritised, creating an iterative development plan. Find out more

    Expected deliverables

    • Product backlog
    • User stories
    • Release plan
  • UX / UI design

    UX / UI design

    We’ll create sketches and low fidelity wireframes for your customer journeys; these will be stripped of any visual design, allowing us to focus on the user experience. We’ll work these into a prototype so you can see how it will work and when necessary, test these prototypes on end-users and refine the experience based on their feedback. Find out more

    Expected deliverables

    • Low fidelity wireframes
    • Prototype
    • Validated feedback
  • branding and product identity

    Visual design

    To give you a competitive advantage, we'll ensure your product looks fantastic too. This is where we'll introduce typography and colour, appropriate to your brand values. We can then begin to build up a style guide focussing on common UI patterns such as buttons, forms and navigation. Find out more

    Expected deliverables

    • Online brand
    • Pattern library
    • Styleguide
  • Research and development

    Research and development

    We understand that solving a problem with technology can be daunting and present risk factors to your business. To determine if something is feasibile, we use time boxed research and development to rapidly prototype a solution that aims to address your uncertainties. Our findings will help you to make an informed decision as to how to proceed. Find out more

    Expected deliverables

    • Proof of concept
    • Risk assessment
  • Bespoke development

    Bespoke development

    We’ll develop your product following an Agile approach. We use behaviour driven development (BDD) to ensure we’re building the agreed requirements and test driven development (TDD) to ensure high quality code. After automated and manual testing each user story is deployed to a staging environment, allowing you to be involved in regular quality assurance. Find out more

    Expected deliverables

    • Deployed user stories
    • Quality assured code

UVD helped us run the project in such a way that it has the highest chances of success - putting the customer first, making sure we spend as little as possible to get the product in front of people and taking our insights back into product development. They’re a great team, dedicated to their craft, and a pleasure to work with.

Claire Cann

RowActiv Project Manager


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