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We get so caught up in our technology sometimes, that we forget to shout about all of the lovely design work we do.  Below we’ve highlighted four identities we’ve created for our clients in the last twelve months.  You can see more about the process we followed here.

Mr Mash

First up for the year was startup Mr Mash.  We carried out brand workshops with the client and discussed user personas of potential end users; strong, young, masculine, cool. We then carried out some design research, created some initial sketches and created a colour scheme.

Inspiration and development

Final identity

Field Margin

Early on in this project we realised that it would be the perfect opportunity to create some really stunning visuals so we filmed the whole process, from the initial concept stage, right through to the final web application design, which you can see here.

Market research and initial ideas

Final identity

Ooh Lou Lou

What designer wouldn’t want to create the identity for a cupcakery?! We loved creating this playful identity for Ooh Lou Lou and applying it to the website, we also love to get to get our hands on the help desk strategies in order to grow our business.

Market research

Final identity

Limpid Markets

This is the latest project in which we created the full brand for a client, and as we had been through the process previously, we had it really refined. We created some quick sketches which we shared with the client, and asked him to pick his top three in order of preference. We then worked with the preferred concept digitally and sent over the initial designs. He was really pleased, so following some minor adjustments, we arrived at the final logo. In all, the whole process took a matter of days.

Market research and development

Final identity