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Web design trends 2018

Rachael was asked to share what she thinks will be big for product design in 2018 for netmag’s February edition supplement.

web design trends 2018

From the article

Q: What’s going to be the biggest trend in web design next year?

A: “I think animation is going to be big. Tools like Framer, Origami and Principle have appeared in a surge and allow designers to quickly mock up animations and interactions to really lift a UI.”

Q: What’s exciting you personally in web design right now?

A:”That technology is enabling us to be much more creative. CSS grid is really shaking up how things can be laid out on the web, and then other techniques like masking and ‘initial-letter’ mean that we can be more creative with typography. Harking back to my uni days where I focussed on Flash, I also love that movement and animation is becoming part of my role again. online casino singapore

Q: In your opinion, what sort of stuff are you going to be doing next year?

A:”I think all of our customers are wanting something that really stands out from the crowd design wise, and as technologies and trends change so quickly, we’re finding that our clients are looking for a long term partnership so that their product can continuously evolve. A lot of our clients also want to take advantage of very new technologies, such as AR, or machine learning, so as an agency that for us is really exciting.”

netmag q&a

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