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James joins us fresh out of Stafford University as our new Junior Frontend Developer.

Why did you want to join UVD?
“I was looking to work in Tech City so used Tech City Map to look for companies. After clicking on a few, UVD appealed to me as it seemed like a great agency to kickstart my career. Following my interview, I chose to work here as I was really impressed with the projects the team are working on, and it seemed like it would never be boring!”

What’s your degree in? (Congratulations on getting a FIRST!)
“BSc Web Development”

What did you want to be when you grew up?
“I always wanted to be a pilot as a really young kid, but then I started to think I wanted to be an architect. I’m happy with my chosen career though, I’ve always wanted to make something.”
What do you do on your days off?
“I’ve only just moved down to London and I’ve not really lived in a city before, so I’m spending most of my free time exploring. I’m already really loving city life!”

Where’s your favourite place?
“Right now I would say Barcelona, but I think that might change soon as I am going to America in September to travel along the West Coast. We’ve got no plan, literally hiring a Jeep and going where the road takes us.”

What’s your favourite word?
“I’m not sure I have a favourite word, but my first ever word was ‘walrus’!”

What do you think you’ll add to UVD’s culture?
“It’s hard to say, but my friends often refer to me as ‘Safety Man’ as I’m the sensible one.”

…Love it! I hope that sticks!

What do you make of the gang so far?
“Really great, everyone’s been looking out for me and on hand to help, I really couldn’t have asked for a better team.”

What’s the most techy thing you’ve built?
“My final project at uni probably. It’s an online football pools application, pretty hard to explain, but basically it’s a social app where you submit predicted scores for games, join leagues with friends and then if the score is correct you get points. I also used Node sockets to enable live updates throughout games.”

And finally, what’s your poison?