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It’s that time of year when we’re on the lookout for talented students to join us in the Green Room Placement Scheme so we thought we’d have a chat with Dardan, currently on his placement year, to see how he’s found his first few months at UVd.
Q: How have your first few weeks at UVd been?

“It’s been great. Everyone here at UVd and Browser has been very welcoming and willing to help me get started which has made my transition into UVd very pleasant. From day one I have learned a lot more than I was expecting to, which is already making my placement year very worthwhile.”

Q: Have you found it a big leap from university?

“It’s a lot different, for sure. At university I was taught the core concepts of web development and the theory of agile workflow. At UVd I get the chance to go beyond this and get practical experience in all areas of development.”

Q: What kind of work have you been doing?

“The first few weeks involved learning different areas of modern web development. This includes setting up effective development environments, using MVC frameworks, GIT, unit testing, and building applications through the Command Line Interface. After this I started my first project: building the new Green Room website using Symfony2 and our in-house CMS, Jellybean.”

Q: What have you learned so far?

“Since being at UVd I have learned how to build secure, robust web applications using the latest dev tools, languages, and databases available including Symfony2, php5, phpSpec, Behat, Vagrant, and MySQL. As well as the technical aspects, I have also learned how to work effectively within a team on real client projects using an agile workflow.”

Q: Do you think that your time here will be useful for your final year at uni?

“Absolutely. I will have a deeper understanding of the topics that will be taught in my final year which will automatically put me ahead of most other students. I will also have an advantage when I come to do my final year programming project, as my experience at UVd will have equipped me with knowledge of the best programming practices and tools to design and build robust applications.”

Q: Favourite Shoreditch haunt so far?

“Franco’s sandwich place? I haven’t really explored much around here yet.”

Q: How many cups of coffee have you had?

“21 ½”

Q: What’s it like working in the Green Room?

“I think it’s great working alongside another company that have a long history together. Many of the projects at UVd involve working with Jellybean, a CMS built by both UVd and Browser, so it can be exciting to see the development process of the two companies come together during a project.
I am working closely with the placement student from Browsers’ side which has been interesting as we are technically part of different companies, but share projects under the Green Room London title.

Q: What problems have you had to overcome?

“Getting used to the 9:30 – 18:00 schedule was tough! Especially after a relaxed uni timetable.”

Q: Can you sum up your time at UVd in one paragraph?

“I have been introduced to many different technologies and tools used by experienced developers and taught to use them effectively while developing web applications. There is no doubt that the skills and experience I will pick up at UVd will enhance my career in this industry.”

If you’re a computing student looking for some hands on industry experience, take a look at our wonderful placement scheme.