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Technology is a key component to our work, but design and brand can make the difference between an average and a standout product. Our design and front-end team have a well-defined process for ensuring all our work not only functions well but looks fantastic.

Branding/design clinic: we’ll spend time with you to understand your target audience and your brand objectives. In this workshop we’ll identify your target group and personality types, the adjectives you’d associate with your product, a persona for your brand, your unique selling points and key design influences/inspiration.

Market research & design influences: we’ll research the market and find other websites, web applications, magazines, visuals and other creative sources that fit within your target market. We’ll then digest them and present them to you for discussion and design steering.

Competitor analysis: we’ll research your competitors and analyse what they do well and what they could do better. We’ll discuss this with you to ensure your product will be best in class and provides the competitive edge.

Brand positioning: we’ll do activities with you to gauge your brand positioning within the market that will influence the brand creation and visual steering.

Brand creation & visual design: we’ll iterate through design ideas with you to create a stunning brand and engaging visual steering for your application.


UI/UX:  one of the most important factors of the project is to ensure that the application is instantly intuitive and provides clear signals and steering to your end users. We’re adept at creating user interfaces and making information architecture decisions that aid the user experience for complex web applications and we’ll leverage our expertise to create an application that is not only intuitive but also adheres to the design guidelines.