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Welcome to the live blog of #UVDhackday number 3: a Halloween hack of horrors!

Today’s hack day is all about the process of rapid discovery, collaborating closely and being able to take risks without the worry of failure and we’ll be blogging about it throughout the day.

Hack day huddle

The teams are decided and have names:

They certainly got the memo. We have Eddy, our full-stack Senior Developer, and Alvaro, our Digital Designer.

Working their magic for this team we’ve got James, our Frontend Dev, Ryan, our Senior Frontend Dev and Chris, our Senior Backend Dev.

We have ideas!

The teams have discussed a number of ideas and have settled on a concept each, having set themselves the target of creating a prototype by 5pm. In the words of James, ‘this won’t take long at all’. We’ll see.

Travel photo album

Double Take are creating a photo album for travellers to share their journey with friends. In their own words, the album won’t ‘suck’ and will be like an actual journey through the trip.

Shared photo albums

Three in a Bed are creating a shared album for friends to upload their holiday snaps. There’ll be no more having to swap photos when you get back, as they’ll all be uploaded in one place.

Afternoon update

Travel photo album

Double Take are storming ahead with their travel photo album having rigged up a full account system, where a user can create an account and photo albums and then upload photos complete with geolocation data read using the HTML Filesystem API to a Firebase backend using AngularFire. The locations of their photo-journey is then plotted using google maps, ready to be played-back to the user, complete with street-view functionality.

Shared photo albums

Team Three in a Bed had a slight issue this afternoon and have had to do a very fast tech pivot when they realised that using web RTC was not going to cut the mustard for their high cross browser standards (not supported on IOS). So they’ve switched to capturing image data from a mobile camera using HTML5 media capture and sending the binary data with sockets using node.js which will then emit that image in real-time to anyone subscribed to that photo album.

And we’re done

Travel photo album

Double Take have a fully working prototype, including a log in: Trippic. You can try it out for yourself here. I’ve just had a little play and created an album from our summer day out on a boat. It’s great, you can see where we were when each pic was taken, and our little journey along the river. I love it!

Trippic boat

Shared photo albums

Three in a Bed’s shared album, ‘ A day in…’ giffage below. You can see that when a user takes a photo on their phone, it uploads to the shared album ‘A day in…Brick Lane’. Imagine uploading all your holiday snaps more sharing/emailing/downloading when you get home. Easy.

What now?

These ideas are too good to throw away, so we’re going to grab some judges, Dragon’s Den stylee from our neighbours in The Hatch to choose which one we take forward to work on as an internal project. Which one gets your vote?