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For those who don’t know, we’ve been part of a group of companies for the last year, sharing an office ‘The Green Room’ and more importantly sharing knowledge and experience from business development through to design and technology. Other things we do together are joint sprints on shared projects and on the last Thursday of each month we run an invitation only event we call ‘Last Thursdays’. This month I was charged with organising the theme and speakers and we ran a decidedly tech heavy event covering Test Driven Development and the lesser know Behaviour Driven Development which at UVd we are particularly fond of.

Luckily for you, we recorded the whole thing so you don’t need to read a long-winded summary from yours truly.

Full stack Behaviour Driven Development from the back-end to front-end

In this talk our very own Rob Squires and Ryan Hyslop talk through our adoption of BDD from the back end with the likes of Behat and phpspec through to the front end with Mocha.js and Cucumber.js and how we are aligning these processes in order to make our development consistent from front to back. They also discuss how we are finding this approach suits our Agile process.

Introduction to Test Driven Development

In this talk, Lukasz Kujawa, lead dev from ecommerce platform Gloople explains the fundaments of TDD and describes the many benefits to business resulting from the adoption of a rigorous TDD policy.

Lukasz’s slides can be viewed here